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I recently graduated Summa Cum Laude from Gettysburg College with a B.A. in Economics and Environmental Studies and a concentration in Energy Economics. I am seeking opportunities in the Seattle area in the field of sustainability and transportation, specifically alternative transportation and commuting. Bicycle advocacy and sustainable transportation are two sectors I am especially passionate about and I am searching for an entry-level position in these or related fields. My areas of interest include bicycle infrastructure, workplace incentives for sustainable transport, community outreach and advocacy, and development.

A semester studying in Copenhagen, Denmark and traveling throughout Europe exposed me to numerous urban transportation systems including those in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and London, among others. It is my goal to merge the lessons I have learned abroad with the unique characteristics of American cities to build a new type of transportation system that addresses the environmental, economic, social, and health needs of urban citizens.

I just finished a 70 day, 4,432 mile charity bicycle ride from Baltimore to Seattle with a group called 4K for Cancer. As the Service Coordinator for Team Seattle I planned and facilitated 9 volunteer events for 28 riders. Additionally, all riders were required to fund raise a minimum of $4,500 for the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults; I led my team by raising over double the minimum required.

What separates me from my peers is my commitment and thoroughness that come from a sincere desire to delve deeply into the big challenges facing modern society. Whether it be environmental or otherwise, I care deeply about every social and economic concern that I engage with. This leads me to focus on pluralism and tackle issues with an awareness of the many perspectives that cause dissent among decision-makers. I am not expert, but I learn quickly and am able to teach myself as I have done with software such as STATA, GIMP, and Google Docs.

Resume  |  Cover Letter (general)  |  Linkedin

4K for Cancer Profile Page  |  Honors Thesis

If you would like to contact me about career-related topics, please enter your information below and I will contact you via email in a few days.

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