(from Linkedin, my most recently updated life summary-type profile)

I recently began a position as a Food Bank Specialist in Seattle, WA. While my passion is for sustainable transportation, food justice fulfills my desire to work at the intersection of economics, environment, and social justice. I am continuing to look for ways to become involved with sustainable transportation. Currently, I volunteer with Bike Works in my free time – learning about the mechanics of bikes while helping support their community building and bike advocacy efforts.

I relocated to Seattle in August, 2013 after completing a 70 day, 4,432 mile charity bicycle tour alongside 27 other college-aged riders. We were 4K for Cancer, a program of the Ulman Cancer fund for Young Adults. I personally coordinated 9 volunteer events for our team and raised over $9,200 for young adults with cancer. Collectively, the five 4K for Cancer teams raised over $750,000!

I began 4K for Cancer shortly after I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Gettysburg College with a B.A. in Economics and Environmental Studies and a concentration in Energy Economics. This was highlighted with a semester studying in Copenhagen, Denmark during which I traveled throughout Europe and explored many urban transportation systems including those in Copenhagen, Amsterdam and London, among others.

It is my eventual goal to fuse the lessons I learned in Europe with my Gettysburg education and work/volunteer experience to improve transportation systems in the United States to better address our country’s economic, environmental, social, and health needs. I am especially passionate about
bicycle transit as well as cooperative programs, workplace incentives, and holistic approaches to development.

Outside of transportation I have a number of interests:

Politics:  I hate it, but I need it.  Politics drive me crazy, but as someone with ideas who wants to see change I’ve come to realize politics are unavoidable.

Sustainability:  It just makes sense.  I grew up in a home where money was tight and luxury was unheard of.  Sustainability doesn’t have to be about the environment. It can be about thriftiness, efficiency, or even profit.  I was raised on “Waste Not Want Not,” and I think our culture of entitlement could use a little of this wisdom.

Environment:  I would not call myself a tree-hugger, but I am an environmentalist.  Everything we get we get from the Earth, so how can we trash it and expect no repercussions?  Besides, if you’ve ever stood amid the summer thunder you know nature is something to respect.

Biking:  I grew up on two wheels.  My bike and I were inseparable.  I lost that lifestyle somewhere along the way, but I found it again in Denmark.  Biking is healthy.  Biking is thrilling.  Biking is freedom.

Food:  I’m not much of a cook, but I’m working on it!  There’s something relaxing about making a homemade meal.

Travel: It’s my dream to travel the world.

Being a Goof:  Yup, can’t forget that one.

Reading:  Epic fantasies & thrillers dominate my shelves, but I read everything from the classics to Christopher Moore.  On a rainy weekend there’s nothing better than curling up under the covers with a good book.

I could go on all day about my interests because I am interested in just about everything.  You’ll probably realize that, along with my tendency to be scatter-brained, after reading a few posts.  I hope you enjoy my blog and I am always looking for feedback.  Please share our comments with me, whether it be opposition to my views, suggestions for a topic, or anything else you might want to say.


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