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Fact: “In December 2006 the Tacoma News Tribune reported that new numbers from the state showed that Wal-Mart still accounted for the largest number of workers receiving benefits from the state’s Medicaid and Basic Health plan. The number for Wal-Mart was 3,194–far ahead of number two McDonald’s with 1,932.”

Fact: “In March 2006 the Philadelphia Inquirer published a report on data it obtained from the Department of Public Welfare on the percentage of workers enrolled in Medicaid at the ten largest employers in the state. Wal-Mart was at the top of the list, with 15.8 percent of its workforce (7,577 individuals) enrolled. Giant Food Stores was second with 11.8 percent (2,244 workers).”

– full list of states from goodjobsfirst.org

Claim: “Paying Wal-Mart workers a living wage more would kill jobs and/or raise prices unsustainably.”

Video: What if Wal-Mart paid employees enough to avoid food stamps?

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