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I pass the halfway mark of my 60 mile challenge!

I pass the halfway mark of my 60 mile challenge!

For the record, I personally count my weeks as starting on Sunday. Having learned that waiting until the last-minute makes meeting my goal difficult, I brought to week two of my Strides for Justice challenge the same proactive go-getter attitude that I used in week 1. This week, while physically draining, rewarded me as I passed the halfway point to my goal to run 60 miles to raise money for my Mother’s legal defense campaign. The unfortunate news from the preliminary hearing helped spur me to get out over the weekend even while my body asked for a day in bed with a book.

Sunday the 9th was meant to be a short run to keep me on pace… turns out I was feeling good. When I got to the critical right or left junction I chose right because it was longer and I was feeling good. Turns that decision put me on course to run completely around my neighborhood of Queen Anne, a lengthy 7.6 mile pursuit. With that I beat my own personal distance record and set myself ahead on mileage for the first time!

Unfortunately, about 5.5 miles in I was tired and in the last two miles my form was poor and thus my body felt it the next day. Between the weather and feeling exhaustion in every part of my body I did not get back out until Friday. Modest runs over the weekend kept me moving but I am once again down 5 miles. Time is one of my most difficult challenges – with Wednesday and Thursday largely removed I need to stuff more miles into the other days. And therein lays my biggest challenge – running consistently is difficult given that I live a very physical lifestyle: biking for travel, volleyball for fun, and significant heavy lifting at work.

I can feel it…


If you are also into running, biking, or other activities you can follow me on Strava. I don’t bother with the paid version but the workout tracking, ability to see friends’ training, and challenges are helpful and fun.