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Here’s the thing: everyone I know in the USA who is talking about bicycle infrastructure is talking about costs. How much will it cost us to move a few bikes? Is it worth it when we know car travel supports a much larger volume of transport? Will bike infrastructure…

It goes on forever. Here is the thing though: it is not all about costs. The Netherlands knows this well. Ask any hardcore cyclist, bike enthusiast, or casual biker with any intellectual interest in bike transport and they will tell you the Netherlands is a global icon of cycling. This is because they have developed this as their brand. Take, for instance, the Hovenring: the world’s first suspended bicycle roundabout. I guarantee this fails any traditional cost-benefit analysis but it sure does look epic. The Netherlands did not just happen to become the “bike capital of the world.” The Dutch made it that way.

This is the World’s First Suspended Bicycle Roundabout «TwistedSifter.