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Having flown back to Seattle New Year’s Day and returning to work the next day I got off to a late start towards my goal of running 30 miles in January including one 10K. It doesn’t help that Wednesday and Thursday are always off days because of Volleyball and volunteering. But with a little persistence and forced action I barely squeaked by with 30.1 miles (if you ever set a goal like this don’t depend on feeling good on the last day – Friday I was done by 2 miles but needed 2 more). I also completed not one but two 10Ks. The first was a purposeful jaunt where I planned to run 3.5 miles away so I had no other choice to run back. The second was unplanned – I was just “running errands” 😉

Now to February with my insane goal of running 60 miles and two 10Ks – that is over 2 miles a day if i ran everyday, which I cannot. But this time I am running for more than just me – I am running for my mom and her defense. For every mile that I run I ask you to donate a quarter to support her legal fees. Here we go…!

Overview of my training in January. from Strava.

Overview of my training in January. from Strava.