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My best nonpartisan thoughts? The President was feisty and I enjoyed his promise to exercise executive powers to bypass Congress on issues the White House strongly supports. Whether or not his promises to amount to anything is another story. The speech is sure to piss people off, which won’t help cooperation. Humor was good this year and thankfully no singing but I am unhappy with some of the claims of working with states and others on topics like marriage equality. In reality Obama and the White House have often come down soft on many issues and worked through a more passive support role.


The GOP response – well, in traditional fashion it basically said the same things but from a “the other party does not know how to do it right but we do” fashion. However, this might be the corniest thing I have seen in years. Also, why do I need to know about your entire family history? Woman, working background, do-it-yourself-er, mother, wife of a soldier…if only you were young, Queer, and Latina and the GOP would hit all their targets.