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Help me support my mother’s defense by donating a quarter for every mile I run in February.

This year I promised myself I would wholeheartedly dedicate myself to my New Year’s Resolutions. I generally think the whole idea is crap, but only because we don’t put in the effort required to turn a resolution into action. This year I made three resolutions:

  1. Be more intentional
  2. Read a book a week
  3. Take active steps to be more active.

So far, I am on track. Now I need your help to push me further while raising money for my mother’s legal defense.

As you know, I am running a campaign to raise money to pay for my mother’s legal defense (see this post for the most recent update). I thought to myself…

If I am running a campaign, why not run a campaign based on running?

I am no runner but I want to be. With no thought of my mother’s lawsuit, I set a personal goal for January of running 30 miles and completing a 10K by month’s end. This may not seem like much but for someone like me, who has never been a runner, it is a lot. So far I am on track – as of January 22 I am at 19.8 miles this month and with my MLK Jr. Day holiday I ran 7.1mi (11.4km, the longest run of my life) to complete my 10K goal. I will reach 30 miles…but what about February?

As of Wednesday the 22 I  have run 19.9 miles in January and completed 1 10K. 10.1 miles to go!

As of Wednesday the 22 I have run 19.9 miles in January and completed one 10K. Now just 10.1 miles to go!

In February I will go further, push harder, and run longer to honor my mother who has always been strong through even the toughest of times. When she is in pain she grits her teeth and forces herself to continue forward. I will do the same. In February I will double my January goals – running at least 60 miles and running at least two 10K runs. As I write this my only thought is “holy crap.”

This is where I need your help. I am running for my mother and I will donate 25 cents for every mile I run. When I reach my goal I will donate another $15 dollars to her defense, and I hope you will do the same. Look for weekly updates posted from my Strava activity. Donate here.
...and Justice for All.

…and Justice for All.


EDIT (2/2/14): See that I met my January goal here.