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An article written for the Huffington Post written by the CEO of the non-profit I work for discusses the light we carry and the ways we can share it with one another. I enjoy the metaphor. I agree with the central concept of shared humanity. But I struggle with one line:

We would do well to realize that when we help someone else find a way out of the darkness caused by poverty or isolation, we find ourselves becoming more nourished. As we give freely of our light, of our wealth and our privilege, our brightness is not diminished. It is expanded.

Is sharing our light truly free, or does it cast new shadows?

What is wealth to light?

Do we really give our privilege? If we did, wouldn’t sharing privilege with others actually mean giving privilege up altogether? Is not our focus on giving just a sign of the privilege we enjoy?

These are hard questions and I am glad that my CEO has embraced the debate of Social Service vs. Social Justice and pulled Jewish Family Service of Seattle into this discussion.

or do we just use our privilege to give the