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To My Readers,

As you might have noticed lately my posts have been lacking or altogether absent. After finishing my ride I tried blogging Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I tried Tuesday and Thursday. I tried combining these with a quick Sunday thought that required only a little writing. But each new attempt revealed a little more about the truth: TINEIS is not what I desire in a blog. Busy with work, volunteering, and self-lead learning, I do not have the time to dedicate to regular and high-quality blog posts. Plus I always ask myself – what value does TINEIS bring to my readers? To the world? To me? Right now it seems like the answer is very little.

I will not shut down TINEIS because I think there is still some value to be found. However, expect fewer long and complex original posts than the last half-year. Originals might be short thoughts or even just a sentence or question. Reblogging will be more prevalent this year as I try to highlight others’ work and point my readers to the quality material already on the web. And if you are one of those people following to keep tabs on my life…well, just call me.

With that I say happy new year and may 2014 be full of joy and value!