These words from my good friend and 4K teammate, Nicole. Thank you so much, you rock!

Sporting C and G

This past summer I had the opportunity of riding my bike across the country from Baltimore, MD to Seattle, WA to support young adults battling cancer. I was one of 28 in my team and each of us had our own story and reason for being there. Every morning we woke up and formed a dedication circle before getting on our bikes- we would go around one by one and say who we were dedicating our day for and who we were riding for. I can clearly remember on fathers day a teammate of mine Kevin dedicating the day to his mother (although she herself didn’t have cancer, she had been a caregiver for years) –  a women who has been his rock for years and who has played the role of both his mother and father as he grew up. Kevin dedicated the day to his mother and then…

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