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I know it is a little late, but I finally know what I want for Christmas. This year I want to help my mom get a lawyer to defend against a false accusation, so I started this campaign on Fundly. If you wanted to but forgot to get me a present (or did not know what to get since I didn’t want anything), you should donate instead. I’ll never know you forgot if you make a donation!

Click to visit my fundraising campaign page.

Click to visit my fundraising campaign page.

My mother is an honest and hard-working woman. She raised me as a single mother and we fought through the tough times together. This false accusation comes on the heels of more tragedy  – a year ago on her birthday our house was robbed and the year before that our apartment was flooded. This all to the woman who always places my needs above her own, no matter what the cost to herself. For years she supported me and cared for my now deceased grandfather. My mother is my hero. And she needs my help. Please, help me help my mother by donating to support her defense.