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Dear Driver,

I am a cyclist.

I improve my health by exercising regularly.

I support our local economy by stopping for interesting displays and sales instead of blindly driving by and through buying local parts and services instead of gasoline.

I save our tax dollars by using cheaper infrastructure and by lowering healthcare costs through preventative action.

I reduce our congestion by not sitting in traffic.

I clean our air by eliminating dirty exhaust.

I maintain our environment by demanding less space and emitting less pollution.

I increase our reputation by highlighting the livability of Seattle.

I passively advocate equal opportunity by actively promoting a cheaper, more accessible form of transit.

I relieve our stress by opting not to crowd onto overfull full buses.

I increase our ability to experience un-built environments because I demand little land use conversion.

I reduce your commute time because I do not make you sit in deadlock.

I reduce your transportation costs because I do not inflate demand.

I sometimes bend the rules and annoy you, but you sometimes bend the rules and annoy me.

We can live in harmony, and we must. Because cycling is here to stay.

I am a cyclist.

Please Mr. and Ms. Driver, show me some respect.