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Seattle is about to undergo huge cuts to its metro transit system. As if the metro does not already suck sometimes:

Case 1: Why does it take me 1 hour and 7 minutes to go a distance that takes me approximately 10 minutes in a car? Oh, and it was only 8.1 miles – If I were able to run 8 miles straight I could have got there in the same amount of time.

Case 2: The other day the bus was stuck in traffic a block and a half ahead of where I was going to get on – I figured I would try to walk past it and get on at the next stop. When I turned off its route 1.5 miles and many stops later it still had not caught me.

Are cuts really what we need? One can hope the cuts help increase efficiency and effectiveness so the system is stronger if more funding comes…

Financial Stability & Sustainability – About Metro – King County Metro Transit.