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Wednesday’s blog originally started out as a way to showcase my new goal of learning some basic programming skills but, as my regular readers know, that did not quite happen. I was quickly distracted by the discussion of education and went into learning as understanding both how and why. My current undertaking definitely falls into the former category, and that is perfectly fine by me.

I am leveraging technology to increase my skill set (and hopefully one day appeal to would-be employers and admissions staff). I have an interest in learning basic programming skills that I can use both personally and perhaps professionally. I chose HTML as my language of learning simply because it is the standard for most websites and is well-known, if not well-understood, by the general population. I am hoping it will be more valuable than something like Python or PHP which, while powerful and widely used, are more appropriate for specific purposes. Besides, learning to program is less about the specific language than about understanding arguments and programming structure.

I have only just started this week and already I am able to do a number of basic things. It doesn’t look like much and I could make the same in Word but the key is I use the basic text editor program Notepad that comes pre-installed on all Windows computers.Check out the first few projects I have made by downloading the .html files from my Dropbox and opening them with your browser.

Project 1: My First Webpage

Project 2: Tags, Elements, and Attributes

2013.11.13 HTML code for Project 2

I am using w3schools.com as my primary tutorial and referencing other resources as needed. Perhaps eventually I will use my skills to transfer TINEIS to my own domain and take full ownership of the blog. I have already experimented with WordPress.org (the full version of WordPress for self-hosted blogs) by installing a program that allows me to create a virtual network on my computer (aka a fake internet to experiment with).

I don’t know that I really need to transition to full ownership, but why not? After all, it will be a learning experience, and that is what this is ultimately all about – learning interesting new things and gaining valuable (or not) skills for the future!