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The Emerald City. Sounds like I should be in Oz, right? But I might as well be for all the fantastical things I’ve done since arriving in Seattle. Free goods at a Mariner’s game, picnic in the park, thrift shopping, beer festival, street market, picking berries at the beach, great food, and cycling around the city – it has been amazing.

The feel here is very different from anything I have experienced so far. In a lot of ways it reminds me of Denmark and Copenhagen – people cruise around on their bikes all over the city. It may not be in the same volume as in Copenhagen, but there are still a lot of cyclists! And there is also that “individualism” feeling – everyone is doing their own thing. Yet there is still some hustle & bustle reminiscent of the East Coast and definitely a lot of reminders of New York (like that crazy guy who cut me off).

Speaking of individualism, I was talking about East Coast transplants the other day. I heard a lot about Seattle as we rode across the country, and many people talked about the number of people who just kind of end up in Seattle. Getting here I can see it’s true – in the small circle of people I know there are people from Jersey, Pennsylvania, St. Louis, Canada, France – its like the city draws us in. And it’s not just people fleeing to the west coast.

People head west for many reasons – searching for the California culture, finding find fame and fortune in Hollywood – for many it is to escape from the old and find something new or to be someone else. But in Seattle it seems different. People don’t escape – they simply find a new place to be themselves. Men in suits share a table at the local cafe with a guy in tie-dye and dreads. People are just…people. I don’t know – that’s just my initial take on Seattle.