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No video today – I don’t have any fun video material and, honestly, I don’t have a whole lot to say about today. I spent the morning blogging, etc. and then we went to visit Mt. Rushmore. It was a bit disappointing – I had been told that it is something you have to see but is not really that cool, but I guess I hoped for something more! I guess it was pretty cool in its own way, but I was not that impressed.


Since I don’t have a lot to say, here are some fun facts:

Favorite ride: Day 2 climbing (great challenge)
Least favorite ride: Marshall to Sioux Falls (90 miles into a 20+ mph headwind)
Longest Ride: Chicago to Milwaukee: 105 miles
Biggest Climbing Day: York to Lykens (Day 2): 5,298 feet over 93.8 miles
Fastest Speed: 48mph (GPS accuracy is questionable, I think I bested that)

Favorite place visited: Badlands National Park, SD
Places I MUST visit again: Northern PA Appalachians, Michigan, Chicago, Madison, Minneapolis, Badlands, Crazy Horse
Favorite city: Minneapolis, MN
Places I’d consider living: Ann Arbor, Mi; Chicago, IL; Madison, WI; Minneapolis, MN
Favorite Service Event: Hope Lodge Breakfast in Cleveland. We met some amazing people and had a great turnout.

Most Stressful Day: Not sure. Windy day to Sioux Falls, or maybe day to Erie in the water van.
Most Stupid Moment: Set my shoes in the sun to dry while driving the water van to Erie. Left them behind and had to drive 68 miles (each direction) late that night to pick them up.
Worst Crash: Only one crash – first day when the person in front of me stopped suddenly without warning and I fell into the bushes.