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So it is the 7th day of the ride and I finally had to ride in the van.  Not a fan – I just want to be on the bike! Also, first day of service at the American Cancer Society B. Thomas Golisano Hope Lodge Hospitality House in Rochester, NY. It really helped put into perspective what we are doing on this ride and why it matters 🙂

Today I was in the van and so I dedicated my drive to all the caregivers who support their loved ones through thick and thin, even when it is inconvenient or undesirable (like riding in the van!)

Here is the response to one of my teammate’s blog posts I mentioned. From Kathy Pexton:

Met your impressive and enthusiastic gang today in Rochester, NY at Hope Lodge Hospitality House, where I work part time on the weekend. I was blown away by you all….it was wonderful and energizing to have you visit and great that you made a meal for the guests! By the way…right after your departure, 3 different families strolled into the dining room, after an exhausting day at the hospital…so the tacos were welcomed and consumed! Leftovers will be great tomorrow for lunch. Thanks for everything you do and who you all are as truly wonderful human beings. You took my breath away when you offered to ride in honor of my mother (Ann) tomorrow. I’ll be following your ride. Enjoy… XO