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I skipped making a video for day 10 since it was a rest day but we did go to another Hope Lodge which was really cool – we got to meet and interact with a lot of the patients.  I dedicated my driving today to all of the people we met! The day was a struggle for me, but the conversation that night was well worth it 🙂

Two notes for all my donors/followers:

  1. Please remember, you can still donate to my ride! I am now over $8,300 and will be continuing to fund-raise throughout the ride. You can donate by credit/debit card and learn how to send a check on the my profile page.
  2. I am still looking for more people to dedicate my ride to! If you donated to me and have not done so already, please dedicate your donation to a loved one who is a patient, survivor, caregiver, or in some way related to cancer. You make your dedication here.