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2013-05-12 13.00.17

It’s that time of year – I am finished with my last finals and am just awaiting graduation.  I checked the last of my residents out this morning – all my children are gone!  It is a sad thought to think I will no longer have the chance to welcome timid young freshman to campus.  Living with freshman for four years was not easy, and at times it was extremely frustrating.  But through it all I absolutely  loved my job and I loved my residents.

It was difficult saying goodbye to the last of them, and it really hit home a moment ago when I was going through my email groups. I am supposed to delete all the aliases I created over the years and it was like a final reminder that it is over. It seems funny to say but I cannot wait until my first residents are seniors running the show.  They have already gotten very involved in the campus and I can’t remember a single time in my life when I have been more proud of someone than when I returned from study abroad to see my residents taking charge.

Residence Life at Gettysburg College is a truly amazing program, and i am glad to have been part of it. To my residents: thank you for teaching me just as much as I taught you.  You are the best and I love you!