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It’s April 1st and the fundraising is coming along! I am currently at $3,130 and counting.  My minimum of $4,500 is just around the corner!  Recent updates:

  • Thank you very much to Interstate Container of Reading, Pa for their generous donation.
  • Thank you to Marie Trexler, consultant for Thirty-One,  for her donation of proceeds from the sale of Thirty-One products.
  • Thank you to all the companies that provided me with gift cards or other certificates to use as raffle items.
  • Thanks to everyone who has supported me thus far!
  • I was featured in the Evening Sun, a local newspaper out of Hanover, Pa.
  • I will soon be featured in the Gettysburgian, my school’s newspaper.

Look forward to a special event at the Blue & Gray Bar & Grill in Gettysburg, Pa.  On Saturday, April 13th from 8pm – 11pm 10% of all proceeds will be donated to my fundraising effort.  So everyone come out, drink, eat, have a good time, and support young adults with cancer!

B&G Fundraiser flyer

Oh, and just for fun: I have finally begun training with my bike.  Riding a road bike is very different from a mountain or BMX bike, and it has taken a little time to get use to the differences: more touchy handling, faster speeds, rougher ride, pedal clips, etc.  So yeah, that time you are coming to a light and remember the clips a little to late…

That "Oh Shit!" moment when you realize a little to late that you are attached to your bike...

That “Oh Shit!” moment when you realize a little to late that you are attached to your bike…