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I do not really believe in Valentine’s Day (no, it has nothing to do with being single or not) so I have nothing love-dovey to contribute. But I have been doing well with my fundraising, so let me update you on where I stand:

  • I have passed $1,700! The February 28 deadline of $2,000 is approaching, and halfway through the month I am almost there.
  • Thanks to Shots in the Dark and especially Jamie Garrett (roomy love <3) for letting me make a plug and pass around donation jars at the first improv show of the semester. Together we raised $114 in one night!
  • Tuesday afternoon I interviewed with my friend Janelle who has graciously agreed to write an article for the Gettysburgian, the school newspaper. Thanks Janelle!
  • Also this afternoon, I meeting a reporter who contacted me from Hanover’s Evening Sun newspaper.  He wants to interview me and do an article! Keep an eye out and I will definitely post a link once it’s live.

That is a summary of what’s been happening in the realm of fundraising. Expect to hear more soon…$2,000 will not take long!

On that note, I am looking forward to reaching $2,000 so I can get my bike and begin training on the road! The weather has begun to improve and this week I went on my first outdoor exercise (run) since a handful of rides over winter break. I will be using a google app called My Tracks to record my workouts and hopefully I can share with you some of my routes!

As always, keep spreading the word and donate if you can!