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I have always wanted to go to nGender or eRace, one of the two discussion groups on campus.  The groups put students, faculty, and administrators together to have serious and open discussions about the topics of gender and race, respectively.  Finally, in the last semester of my Gettysburg career, I finally made it to one.  I spent my lunch hour today with nGender, and I was pleasantly surprised with what I found.

Unlike many of my discussion-based classes and goal-oriented club conversations, the atmosphere at nGender was one of calm, open-minded intellectualism.   It was refreshing.  The was no pointing of fingers, no heated discussion, no frustration.  Some shared their “gender stories” and we commented on them, tying in our own experiences.  Together we discussed the question of whether gender changes between day and night.  We never really came to any conclusions, but that is the beauty of it: the purpose was never .to conclude but simply to think and reflect.

It really was a great experience and I strongly encourage others at Gettysburg to attend nGender.  I know I definitely plan on going back 🙂