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I was thinking about getting an iPhone for my next phone because, while I love the features of my Android phone, it frequently has poor performance and reliability and the bugs (like my keyboard not  working) force me to restart my phone more often than should be necessary.  So I did a little research on the different iPhone models, and in doing so I came across Apple acting the perfect example of American capitalism at its finest.

The new iPhone 5S charging interface “Lightning.”

Apple is gouging its consumers by creating another proprietary charging system called “Lightning.”  Rather than stick with the old charging interface, Apple decided to change to a newer, smaller, more flexible interface.  You would think that would mean micro-USB, right?  Make it universal?  Nope, of course not.  Now any Apple consumers purchasing the iPhone 5 will need to purchase adapters if they want to use their old equipment, and in many cases this will only provide reduced performance, if any at all.  Really Apple?  You already have strict control over everything on your systems..must you continue to screw over your loyal consumers?

Apples dock connector change is awful, dont kid yourselves | Molly Rants – CNET News.

Oh, and apparently in the Europe micro-USB will be the official charging norm (CNET).  Still, no change.  Think of the 51,000-82,000 tons of waste that could be avoided if no new electronics came with micro-USB charging cords (GSMA).  That is between 600,000 to 1,000,000 times my body weight!  After all, between my phone, Kindle, and Camera I have all the cords I could ever need…