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I am sitting here in Musselman Library, at a table in the middle of the first floor, crying.  I should have known this would happen.  I only write about Poppop on rare occasions, but when I do I can never fight back the tears.  Today I was writing some essay responses for why I want to participate in 4k For Cancer, and it just hit me.  Originally, I did not want to do this program.  I did not want to talk about cancer.  I just wanted to go on a cross-country adventure.  Although it lacked some of the adventure of forging my own path, I thought I might apply anyway.  After all, I could compromise with this program: less adventure for less planning much higher affordability.

But not anymore.  I cannot sit down and write about him without a handful of tissues.  Perhaps this is the right thing for me.  Riding solo would be an exercise in personal development and self-understanding, but so too can 4k For Cancer.  Maybe it will not be all about the “adventure.”  Maybe it will be about coming to terms with my own story.