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I don’t have much to write on transportation this week, but I do have something to share.  Carpools are an excellent way to save money while behaving more sustainability.  And what better place to use a carpool than college?  Almost everyone goes home for the main breaks, but so few here at Gettysburg College carpool.  Well, I hope to change that.

Two years ago there was a very quick attempt to create a rideshare board for the school but it was not very effective.  Chief among the problems was that it was not organized well.  Rideshare boards need to be easy to use and simple to navigate.  I recently came across a national rideshare site called http://ridejoy.com/.  Seeing the website inspired me to delve back into the rideshare program, and after some research I decided on a google doc format.  I’ve created a rideshare sheet that I hope will be more effective in coordinating rides.  It even utilizes google’s gadgets to create automatic mapping of destinations, providing a great visual boost to the process.

Check it out here.  The next step is to work out how best to advertise it to the student body…

Edit (10/29/12): I have since updated my rideshare dramatically and am now using a form submission process.  The new rideshare board is looking a lot better but still has a lot of room for growth. Ideally, what I need is someone with computer talent to take it to the next level.