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Image courtesy of the Cycle Chic blog. Check it out!

This is a busy week for me, so I thought I’d direct you to some other sources for this week’s Transportation Tuesday.  Enjoy some sustainability-themed news from my home away from home on the other side of the Atlantic:

In Denmark, Pedaling to Work on a Superhighway – NYTimes.com.

I always love hearing news from my home away from home.  Copenhagen is continuing to aggressively pursue bicycle commuting by expanding its infrastructure to include 26 new cycling “superhighways.”  These contiguous stretches are relatively uninterrupted by stop lights or other distractions and feature some of the city’s innovations including “green wave” technology that times rush hour traffic lights to suit a biker’s speed.

Study: Cycle like the Danes and cut emissions – The Copenhagen Post

Last fall Copenhagen  held the Road Cycling World Championship.  Throughout the week an inner sanctum was created within the heart of the city.  Outline by the championship circuit, this sanctum became a biker’s heaven: it was sealed off to vehicles.  Thankfully I was able to experience the thrill of riding through city streets unopposed by traffic, and I must say it was an experience like nothing else.  The environmental benefits were astounding as well.  A study by the European Cyclists’s Federation found a 30% drop in local air pollution during the championship.  Now that’s impressive.

Copenhagen Announces Ambitious Climate Plan – The Copenhagen Post.

A fully renewable energy mix and carbon neutrality were two of the biggest Danish issues I confronted while studying abroad.  When the oil crisis hit in the 70s the cars were closed on Sundays and oil went from producing over half of all electricity to being of little consequence in power generation in only a few shorts years.  Now the country has ambitious new goals for the next half century, and the City of Copenhagen is leading the charge.