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Skyrush is by far my new favorite roller-coaster.

Yesterday I traveled to Hershey Park in Pennsylvania with my Alpha Phi Omega family line: Micki, Brittany, and Megan.  With the three of them every moment was an adventure.  Water rides early followed by a late-afternoon picnic in a gazebo and a tour of Chocolate World.  Glee-esque performance show in the early evening while waiting out the thunderstorms.  Funnel cake, Dippin-Dots, and Lemonade.  But the real showstopper was Skyrush!

I am a thrill-seeker and I LOVE rollercoasters.  With no inversions and a track design similar to Millennium Force I was skeptical of this one.  The side seats the marketed so heavily didn’t look all that special to me.  With only a 200 foot climb and a max speed of 75mph I’d done more.  Or so I thought.

I don’t know what the middle seats felt like, but holy shit the end seats were unreal.  Never before had I been so thoroughly whipped around that I actually felt I needed to put my hands down and stabilize myself.  At one point I felt like I was being thrown entirely over the side.  What makes it so fantastic is that, unlike Millennium Force and similar coasters, you are not in a full car.  Instead you are relatively open and the end seats have nothing at all below them.  Add to that only a lap bar and you have a recipe for some serious G’s.

Oh, and did I mention we rode in the front row, after closing time, with just the four of us on-board?  Can you say EPIC?

Best Family Line Ever.  I love you all ❤