I was recently nominated to give a short speech to incoming freshmen this fall during orientation, and I was surprised by just how difficult it was.  I realized that although I had a ton of stories and experiences from college I hardly ever put them to words and thus had limited resources to draw from.

In the past few months I have begun to get serious about moving forward in life, and with that I’ve been focusing more on the things that really interest me.  Now it’s time I get serious about this blog.  I’m going to introduce weekly series centered around a topic.  I want to start slow so I’m only going to do three days.  I will make every effort to prepare a new post for each of these days every week.   Here are the series:

Mass Transit Mondays – These posts will focus exclusively on topics relating to mass transit.

Transportation Tuesdays – These posts will cover all facets of transportation.

White House Wednesdays – Everything politics.