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A good friend of mine recently asked me,

Why weren’t we friends earlier?

You know, that is an interesting question.  Why are we friends now?  What led us to become friends in the first place?  Although to answer is easy (I simply had not really known her before this semester) the question got me thinking.  How did we become friends?  What series of events led to the evolution of our relationship?

I originally wanted to make a cool graphic web about this, but it was too complicated.  I traced our friendship through a mutual friend and linked it to all the events of college in all three of our lives.  I could even pull it back further in my own story, to events and decisions in high school that had me seek out certain experiences from my college career.  It’s mind-boggling just how intricate and complex the story of a life becomes.

Although I don’t have all the information to make all the connections leading to our friendship, it certainly was an exercise in recognizing connections.  I highly advise everyone try it.  It’s impossible to know exactly how every decision will affect our lives, but we can learn to respect the infinite ripples our choices inevitably cause.