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It’s official: I’ve had my first overnight guest of the summer.  Andrea came down for a night and stayed with us in Farmhouse.  It’s really cool to have a place someone can come, hang out, eat, and crash.  I really liked it.  I’m getting hooked on this communal living situation.  Group meals, communal money dish for food, CSA share..it’s so great.  Tonight Jasmine even cut everyone’s hair!  I’m getting so use to this that I’m not going to want to go back to living in a dorm this fall…

Andrea wasn’t here long, but we had some time to talk about the scariest conversation of all: the future.  Graduate school, jobs, family…we laid it all out there.  It’s funny in her I see the same fears I also hold, fears of the eternal fight within between two life paths.  One path pursues a meaningful job with a strong impact and the challenge of instituting real change in this world, but also carries with it the threat of dominating personal needs like family and friends.  The other path leads to a comfortable life with a strong family component (for both of us this seems to revolve around teaching) but forsakes the chase of our dreams and all the possibilities that might come with them.

Where do we find a middle ground?  Do we even want compromise?  Sometimes making a decision feels like we are closing doors elsewhere, but how do we know which doors to leave open when we cannot know where any door leads?