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There I was, casually riding my bike past the Constitution Apartments, when I saw a lil’ white dog slinking around i the grass.  At first I didn’t think anything of it and just watched it as I rode by.  But as I rode away I realized something was strange: the dog wasn’t in a typical place you would go for a walk nor was it an open space in which you might let a dog run freely.  I paused to consider this, and decided I would turn around and take a second pass.

Sure enough there didn’t appear to be anyone in sight.  I sat down in the grass and, after softly calling her over, she began to slowly move her trembling body towards me.  She slunk to within a few feet of me and refused to come any closer.  She plopped down, buried her head in her paws, and continued trembling.  I couldn’t get her to come to me, so I slowly crept over and started stroking her head.  Soon she was rolling around excitedly and letting me rub her belly, but as suddenly as she opened up she bolted down the grass towards North Washington Street.  I called and called to no avail, so I got on my bike and followed her.

Apparently she liked a particular tree, because when I caught up to her she was prancing around it moving the downed sticks around with her nose.  I tried suing generic doggy phrases to get her to show me which way was home but nothing worked.  Eventually I slowly approached, picked her up, and rode down to the college’s Department of Public Safety.  I started out slow because I wasn’t sure how she would feel about riding in my arm, but she seemed to enjoy it.  As people driving past looked curiously at me I momentarily felt self-conscious…this little cutey was making me feel like a bike-riding Paris Hilton!

It took a little while, but the ladies of DPS managed to put together a short list of possible owners.  Only a second after the local flower shop owner answered her telephone  and the officer on duty stated who she was the owner was full of emotion.  “Did you find my dog!?”  Minutes later she pulled up out front and had barely opened the office door when my new friend began squirming beyond belief.  I was forced to surrender her a second later, and watch as worried mom and furry daughter were reunited.  The woman was ecstatic, and to thank us for our help she went back to her shop and returned with a rose for each of us.  I never did finish my bike ride, but it was a great afternoon nonetheless.

Although, I kind of wish we wouldn’t have found the owner so fast!  Part of me wanted to bring the pup back to the house with me.  I’m sure everyone would have loved a little furry guest!

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