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What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

I went down to get a snack and some water, and I did noticed some dishes in the sink.  They weren’t mine, but Jasmine always does mine so I thought I’d do these.  As I washed I noticed the quote on the side of Jasmine’s mug.  It’s one of those kind of cheesy quotes that are supposed to inspire you.  You’re supposed to save the world.  But really, what would I do?  Despite how trite this is it I couldn’t help but think about it…

What would I do?  Of course I would want to save the world.  I would want to fix everything that is wrong and make the world a perfect place free from oppression, inequality, and misfortune.  But what if I could do only one thing?  What would I do?

I could cure HIV/AIDS.  I could stop world hunger.  I could destroy poverty.  I could demolish religious violence.  I could educate all the children of the world.  I could reverse global climate change.  There are so many things I could do, so many ways I could help.  But how do you choose between saving some innocent child from AIDS while leaving others to starve?

All these causes are wonderful, but I don’t think I would tackle any of them.  They’re all so…singular.  Isolated issues with one theme connecting them: human nature.  Are we innately selfish, or altruistic?  Are we stewards of the Earth of just tenants with heightened ability to impact it?  Honestly, it doesn’t matter what you think about either of these because one thing is obvious: we are not static.  Humans cannot exist in a state of equilibrium because we need change.  We need  progress.  In one way or another every one of the issues above can be traced back to our need to move forward.

So what would I attempt to do if I knew I could not fail?  I would change human nature; I would make us content to exist in a static equilibrium.  Then we would never suffer the destruction progress always brings.

Oh wait… this would just leave us forever stuck with the disasters of today.