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It’s been really hard to keep up posting on my blog, something which makes me quite sad.  I really enjoy blogging and I like the ability to tackle random topics and express strong sentiments, but I need to prioritize what matters and right now that’s academics and my co-curricular commitment.  Things are really chaotic right now between all my classes, trying to maintain GECO, screening professional candidates for Res Life, and all the other stuff going on in my life.  With the exception of the weekend I’ve fallen under 6 hours of sleep a night, something I try very hard NOT to do.  But when I don’t get to start my work until almost midnight it gets hard.

I wanted to make this entire week one of tremendous work but circumstances have made that quite difficult.  There has been a lot of personal and social things happening and, despite how important academics are, being a person always trumps school in my world.  And of course I keep getting more worked dumped on me so its hard to get the long-term projects finished.

Anyways, I hope to jump back into blogging soon.  I’m thinking about starting to publish very brief snippets on a topic so I can at least stay current!  You’ll here from me again soon! (hopefully)