I really do.  I spend so much time doing everything I need to do and putting off everything I want to do.  Learn about transportation issues?  Completely academic, but I can’t because I have to do a problem set for Econ.  Want to enrich my mind by reading educational works for pleasure?  Nope, I have a hundred pages of things I really don’t care about to read for tomorrow.  Want to do something productive with my time?  Nope, stuck doing meaningless work.

Seriously, sometimes I feel like college is a huge waste of time.  We had an “intellectual climate” discussion tonight at my weekly Res Life meeting, and besides being way overdrawn (that’s a whole different issue) it just highlighted all the stupidity of college.  My homework is not designed to foster intellectual discussion and engagement; it is designed to make me bury my nose in books and strain my eyes on my computer screen.  No interaction necessary.  I could ace most of my classes without ever saying a word to a single person.  I don’t really think that is a good education…

This is how I feel.

Ultimately, I feel like I am a perpetual act of sacrifice.  Whether it be academic, social, or personal I can never accomplish the things I want to do because I simply do not have the stamina.  Sure, in all reality there is physically enough time in a day to do quite a lot more than I can accomplish.  But I already spend a large portion of it working towards something related to college, and I just can’t managed to keep my brain from turning to mush by the end of the day.  And by that point anything mildly intellectual is inconceivable.