Since the build doesn’t start until tomorrow we had some free time to do as we pleased today.  After my afternoon run I came back, grabbed a snack, showered, and waited for Kaitlyn to arrive.  I was really excited to see her because I have not seen her or any of my other Denmark friends since we parted back in December.  She brought along friend Molly too, which was probably good since she is such a terrible navigator 😉

We hit the road and went into Portland for some dinner.  We tried Gritty McDuff’s Brewing Company, but sadly they wouldn’t let anyone in under 21 and Molly’s a youngster.  So we wandered across the street to Bull Feeny’s Pub where we were enticed by the 20% of sign.  Apparently it was their 10th anniversary or something…we just saw discount and said yeah!  I got the Sheppard’s Pie…normally I avoid Sheppard’s pie when I  eat out in favor of something I can’t get at home, but I really wanted it.  And it was soooooo good!  Easily one of the best meals I’ve had in a while.

No trip with Kaitlyn could be complete without Ice Cream, and we stopped in at The Gelato Fiasco of Old Port.  It was excellent.  I had a three-flavor extravaganza of peanut butter banana, nutella, and bailey’s topped with waffle cone pieces.  Delicious!  We sat down, had some gelato, and played Jenga.  Yes, Jenga.  The place was really cool, had great gelato, friendly staff, AND board games.  So good.  Molly got chocolate all over their Jenga bricks…sorry!

Sadly, Colby is far from Portland and we had to call it a night so the girls could get back to campus at a reasonable hour.  But it was so great to see Kaitlyn again, even if only for a short while.  I really liked Molly too.  She spilled everything she touched and made several messes.  Those Colby girls…they’re full of struggles =P