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College is a crazy atmosphere full of hectic schedules, millions of responsibilities, and a lot of stress.  It’s quite difficult to get everything done, especially when you are blessed (and cursed) with high standards.  In the past this has caused me to struggle, especially when I get busy and begin to feel overrun.  But my semester abroad really helped me learn a lot about myself, and what I learned is I need Me Time.

Me Time can be anything.  It can be reading a novel.  It can be playing Xbox.  It can be blogging.  Like tonight, it can be watching Jon Stewart.  Me Time is anything that is all about me and my interests, hobbies, and passions, but it is never working towards a goal.  I am never trying to get hired.  I am never trying to perform.  I am simply forgetting all those things and doing something pleasurable.  This semester I am attempting to set aside at least an hour of Me Time every night before bed.  It’s not much, but when things begin piling up that hour might be all that keeps me sane.

Along with other lessons learned through introspection, Me Time actually makes me more productive despite “wasting” and hour every day.  It keeps me happy, it relieves some stress, and it lets my mind take a break.  I strongly advise anyone who is feeling overburdened, college student or not, to put time aside for themselves every day.  What will Your Time be?