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I find it interesting that this is really the ultimate question of my life, and has been for years.  These three simple words rival all those other weighty three words combos: I love you.  I miss you.  I am sorry.  If you stop and think about it, What is Important? defines how we use those other admissions.  They simple act of relatively valuing the things in our life completely defines everything that is and will ever be.  Is success more important than love?  Will it always be this way, or just while we are young and flexible?  Actually, if you think about it shouldn’t we dedicate more of youth’s flexibility and vigor to love? After all, I hear it gets harder and harder to meet people when you begin to leave the institutions that make finding people so easy (college).

I spend so much time fretting about what I need to do that a lot of time I forget that I don’t need to do any of it.    Hell, I don’t even need to finish college.  These are only things I want to do because I believe they will help me pursue a better life.  Now, when you put it in terms of quality of life, suddenly things become more complicated.  I could work really hard and maybe be rewarded for my endeavors, or I could take a more relaxed approach to college and immerse myself in the unique social atmosphere that exists in no other institution on this Earth.  Essentially, I could be the irresponsible kid/teen/guy I never was.  Wow, why is life so complicated?

Our live are only as complicated as we make them, and sometimes we need to be reminded just how silly we are.  Luckily I have a lot of support when it comes to telling me how I’m screwing up, and someone is always around to steer me in the right direction.  I mean that in the most positive way though, and just last night someone special made me realize that the way I live, with all my commitments and my meticulously planned schedule, is about as far from my ideal as I could ever be.

If you ask me my ideal lifestyle you will undoubtedly get a mix of purposeful work and meaningful relationships.  What you might not hear me say is freedom and introspection, yet these are two things I hold dear.  When I am free to move and grow as I please I am most happy.  And when I can reflect on my life and the world around me I can feel the weight of ages pass over me. It is as if I am making a connection with the past; a connection to that fundamental human spirit that lives in us all.  It is cloaked in the folds of manufactured purpose, but under the veil we can all relate to the need to feel satisfied.

You know, above all else I think that is the word.  Satisfaction.  Are you satisfied with your life?  Are you satisfied when you give up something fun and important to do something you think you need to do?  Or are you satisfied living a life of mediocre productivity?  Everyone knows the feeling of satisfaction.  Look for it.  Pursue it.  Find it.  When you’re satisfied those important things will come easy.  You will confess your love.  You will show your appreciation.  You will admit your wrongs.

And you definitely won’t be wasting your time trying to figure our what you’re doing with your life 😉