Well, it’s about that time when we must part ways.  To our respective “homes” we must go, and do our best to attempt to assimilate back into American life.  But before we do we deserve one last night together.  This time no excuse is good enough, and Peter joins us in Gevninge.   By now the tradition is set: we cook, we eat, we drink.  Simple, but so full of love.  Tonight we add to this singing, and we blunder through the likes of “Oh Susana.”  There’s four American students present and yet we struggle to begin the national anthem.  It’s terribly sad, but such is life.  I think it has something to do with the wine, but it took a little internet search to get us started with “Oh Say Can You See.”

Thankfully Ca, Lennart, and Simon are able to join us for a final celebration.  Simon and Peter of course get along well, and we take over the guy’s corner.  Opposite of us sits the men, and in between the women hold together.  You know how it is…safety in numbers Winking smile  Simon leaves pretty early and Ca and Lennart not too long after, but Mona and Villy stay up with us into the early am.  When we finally pulled out the mattresses a long session of lounging and chatting ensues.  There is so much cuddling…it is obvious to me that we are already feeling the emptiness of the days to come creeping up on us.  In the end we just crash on the floor in a giant pile.  Of course Peter is the first to fall asleep and his incessant snoring keeps the rest of us up all night.  I think I end up getting a good two hours of sleep all night, and we get up early the next day to eat breakfast and to head into Copenhagen.

There are a lot of ways my semester has been amazing, but my 4 friends have really made everything so much more special.  It’s rare that you find a group of people that makes you feel completely comfortable in your own skin, regardless of how ridiculous that skin may be.  And you know you really love people when you see their faults in plain sight but still love them unconditionally.  And nothing screams true love like wanting to simultaneously hug someone and punch them in the face at the same time.  Yeah, I’m talking about you Peter Gallagher.

*For the record I also love Kaitlyn, Lauren, and Ava as well but I generally don’t want to punch them in the face.