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How would you like to get paid to go to school?  Yeah, me too.

I am basing all this on what Andreas and Trine have told me so the numbers might be a little off.  Before I get into numbers remember that the price level here is almost universally about twice as high, so $100 here is about the same purchasing power as $50 at home.  Okay so basically, once you turn 18 you begin to receive money from the state if you are a student.  In high school this amount depends on your parents’ income, but usually is between $400-600/month (2,000-3,000kr).  You can even receive this money while working a separate job as long as you don’t make over a certain threshold, a level which is fairly high.  It is quite possibly that a high school student could be making $1000 a month while only working a few hours…

Once you progress to university the stipends are increased to about $1000 (5000kr) a month.  You can also receive this while working a job, and it is normal to spend about half this on a kollegium room (like a dorm room).  So you could potentially cover your entire living costs from the stipend and use any earnings from a side job to fund…other activities.  And if you were smart and saved the money you got in high school that you didn’t need because you lived at home and your parents paid for everything…wow, talk about loaded!  There was more to the discussion, including how Andreas and Trine made bank when they lived together in a kollegium while working full-time for a year, but I think you get the point.

P.S.  It is Wednesday…I leave on Monday…wahhhh!  Too soon!  Although I have a random craving for greasy, saucy, meat-filled somethings…must be part of the transition back to America 😉