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You know that move he always use to do, that one where he would just chill in second and draft the leader like he was actually trying, and then slingshot into first right at the end of the race?

Yeah, that was me today.  I rode from Sydhavn St. to USG, a 3.43 mile sprint through the cold, rainy streets of Copenhagen.  I found a biker guy and cruised in his slipstream from just beyond Enghave St. all the way across Aboulevard where I shot ahead and finished the last leg of my journey on top.  I was easily moving at a steady 20mph when I wasn’t stopped, and I’ sure I passed 30mph at one point.  Okay, the stakes weren’t quite as high as Mr. Earnhardt, but it was rewarding all the same! =D
R.I.P. The Intimidator

P.S.  I opened his wiki page after this, just for kicks.  For a moment I was extremely confused because the guy staring at me definitely had the mustache to be The Intimidator, but I never remembered him being so ethnic…