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     I was not sure what to expect from this concert.  Maroon 5 is a bit of a top 40 band and definitely has a certain appeal for young ladies.  Would it be kind of lame?  How well can they actually sing?  Will the performance be fun and full of character,or will it be just music and nothing else? Thankfully everything turned out great.

     We decided to arrive early since we did not have assigned seats and I was so glad we did.  Lines formed in front of all the entrances and it was basically a free-for-all.  The upper layer ringing the floor had seats but we decided to brave the floor and quickly ran in as soon as the doors opened   It worked out well; we found a place about ended up only 15-20 feet from the stage.  The crowd quickly filled in behind us and by the time the concert started we were probably closer to 10-15 feet away as everybody crammed together.  It was hot and tight, but it was awesome!
     Maroon 5 opened with Moves like Jagger, somewhat of disappointment   Not because the song is bad  but because the opening act sucked and I was not hyped up enough for one of their best songs.  I wish they would have started with something a little less intense so I could have worked myself up to it.  Still, soon I was singing along and having an excellent time.  They played all the hits: Moves Like Jagger, Misery, Sunday Morning, This Love, and pretty much everything anyone would know. I’m glad I prepared well…I recognized every song and I was able to sing along to most of them.  I think my favorite part of the performance was This Love…I don’t know what it was, but that song was done soooo well.  It is also an excellent song, so that helps 🙂
As is usually the case they left the stage before finishing the performance and we had to cheer them back out.  The final performance was She Will Be Loved.  It was totally aimed at the women in the crowd, and Adam Levine began with a vocal rendition with only a light guitar accompaniment…a perfect serenade.  Once it picked up again he divided the crowd in half, my side singing: 

And she will be loved… 

and the other singing: 

I don’t mind spendin’ everyday, Out on your corner in the pourin’ rain…

EPIC harmonization!  So yeah, the concert was great.  Even Peter said so, and such a compliment is rare, so it must have been pretty damn good!