It’s Saturday night (correction: Sunday morning) and I spent the whole day at home.  That is quite rare for me here…I think I might have done it once before but my host family wasn’t even here!  I’m usually traveling, exploring something around Copenhagen, or attending some kind of event.  But last night was the Maroon 5 concert and tomorrow is a tour of Parliament and a football game, so today was just a relaxed day at home.

Morning was reserved for ferrying my friends to the train (they all slept over after the concert), cleaning up the sleeping stuff, and cleaning up myself.  Hey, it was hot in the huge crowd…a shower was very important!  Anyways, I didn’t do much else all morning.  I spent the better part of the afternoon playing with Villum though. I went to support his little stand in the square where they were selling goodies to raise money for his football club.  I never actually bought anything though because as soon as I arrived he decided we were going to race back to the house.  Of course he beat me…such a fast little boy 😉

Back at the house the fun continued with a sword fight with sticks and the usual soccer in the house.  I had the bug sofa mattress downstairs for my guests so I brought it up and temporarily plopped it on the living room floor.  Temporary turned into permanent as Villum took the cushions of the couch to make a giant soccer goal. Before long he was jumping around blocking my shots…sadly we switched and I had to jump around too!  Normally I wouldn’t mind but my back was a little sore after I pulled something at volleyball the other day.  I felt like such an old man…

The rest of the afternoon proceeded with more playing.  There were some roller blades in the house, my little Philadelphia Phillies mesh ball (which he doesn’t know will soon be a Christmas present), and a lot of yelling and banging.  After a while I guess he got tired of running around, which I didn’t mind, and we went into my room to play games on my phone.  He seems to like the Gameboy app I have and immediately opened that.  The trouble is I put games on there for me.  They’re mostly strategy and rpg games that are great for long plane rides.  So I grabbed my computer and pulled up my game on there and showed him how to play Sonic.  He loved it, but the controls were too hard so I transferred it to my phone and he was content for a good hour and a half playing that and other games.

Villim is a cool kid and I look forward to the day when he begins to learn English so we can expand our communication beyond guttural noises and hand gestures.  I’m sure I will be back to visit though, and it will be interesting seeing him when he’s a bit older.  I can’t wait 🙂