Thursday is normally a slow starting day…we sleep in a while, then throw the turkey in and alternate between cooking, cleaning, and lounging the morning away. By the time dinner is ready we have not really done much but prepare to eat! Sadly Thanksgiving is not a holiday here, so we still had class 😦 But the DIS Thanksgiving dinner was worth the lost day off.

Apparently Kaitlin invited all of DIS, but with Friday off and no family around it seems most students decided to travel. Better for us, because the dinner was a cozy affair with less than 15
people. We alone accounted for almost half, with myself, Kaitlyn, Lauren, Jessica (Kaitlyn’s friend studying in France), Ca,  Leonard, and Simon dominating one corner. Joining us were several girls from DIS, Madi, and Kaitlin and her boyfriend. Kaitlin and Madi prepared an enormous amount of food and, together with what the guests brought, we couldn’t finish it all.  I ended up with leftovers to bring home to the fam 🙂

     The official turkey day was a blast. We ate and drank and laughed for hours. I taught everyone the importance of the ‘nap & lounge’ Thanksgiving technique, and Simon was quick to learn. He kept up his appetite all through dinner and even past dessert!

We went around the room and said our customary thanks, and everyone mentioned family, friends, and the opportunity to be in Copenhagen or host DIS students. I lamented the absence of my family, but I praised the belonging I’ve found with my new family and friends here in Denmark. They have truly made me feel at home!