So tonight I had another buddy network activity.  The plan was sushi at Let’s Sushi in Vesterbro, then bowling at DGI-byen.  I was late to dinner because of volleyball, but I got enough food to taste some nasty green sauce that turned my esophagus into Dante’s Inferno.  Bowling afterwards was a hour of relaxing fun.  The one girl in my group was really negative, which was frustrating, but she got better with time.  I bowled my first ever gobbler tonight =D  Three strikes in a row,plus a few strikes and spares here and there, and I bowled a record high 143!  Yeah, that’s not saying much for a personal best, but I’m proud of it.

Afterwards I chatted with Mensure for awhile on our way home.  She’s a really cool gal…I wish we had other opportunities to get together outside of the buddy network.  She might come to the States some day and I told her I would be upset if she did not let me know!
     It was a simple night, but a good one.  I love just relaxing with people here and strengthening the bonds of friendship that tie me to this beautiful city.