So it is now October 28 and I have been in Denmark since August 15…that is almost 74 days.  By now the awe and mystery of a new city have begun to wear off and I am left feeling like an expat.  This may not sound so nice, but it really is.  As I have gotten into a routine of commuting, attending class, and traversing the city I am feeling more and more at home in Copenhagen.  By now I have traveled on all the main forms of transportation and I’ve been all over Denmark.  I feel comfortable navigating Copenhagen and I know of a couple of interesting places that make me feel more native.  It’s obvious that I’m not quite a Dane yet and my lack of ability with the language certainly prevents further immersion.  Still, by this time I have settled in and consider myself a resident of Denmark.
I am thinking about this because as I prepare to depart for a two-week journey around Europe I don’t think of myself as leaving Denmark, but as leaving home.  I am seriously considering my options after graduating, one of them being a return to Copenhagen through a Fulbright or similar fellowship program.  With one of the best cycling infrastructures in the world, as well as a need for ongoing transportation evolution, I’m sure I could find something to fit my needs here. Going back to Gettysburg is going to be a huge change, and I can only hope that I might make it back here again some day!