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I hopped on a bus Thursday night (yeah, skipping class Friday, woooh!) and headed of to Ringsted Station.  It is technically out of my travel pass zone limit, but since they only check when you get on the bus I snuck through.  From here I grabbed a regional train to Esbjerg on the Western coast of Jutland.  The ride was about 2.5 hours and made worse by the fact that it was jam-packed.  I stood for the first hour or so until I realized I needed to move to another car or else I would end up in Flensburg, Germany!  Luckily I found a little space to squeeze my butt into on the new car and I was able to read for a bit before I passed out.

You may be wondering why I traveled 3.5 hours across the country to spend a weekend in a random town in Western Denmark.  The answer is a good friend of mine, Denitsa Koleva.  Denitsa graduated two years ago and I haven’t seen her for over a year, but as luck would have it she is temporarily staying in Esberg with Professor Kaiser, a Gettysburg professor on leave.  Since getting to Bulgaria to visit Deni would be nigh impossible, this worked out perfectly!

Anyways, the weekend was pretty relaxed.  We had a relaxed schedule and had a lot of downtime.  With the last few weeks being hectic and the upcoming two weeks of travel promising to be no better I needed the break.

After a hectic week and looking forward to two more during travel break I welcome the downtime of a relaxing visit.  Deni and I helped Kaiser out by acting as parents for her son Markellan while she was able to enjoy some much-needed quiet.  When we were in public people kept eyeing us like we were Kellan’s parents, and they weren’t always the best looks.  It was good to give her some time off though, and made great practice for when I become Dad of the Year.  I’m not so good with younger children so it was a good experience.  Kellan is a good kid and smart as his mother, but he sometimes throws tantrums and we needed a little creative teamwork to overcome him =D

Before the weekend was out we also did some sight-seeing in Ribe, the oldest city in Denmark, and traveled to Odense to see the country’s largest zoo.

Great weekend 🙂