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So this last weekend I headed off to Roskilde to meet up with Kaitlyn and Lauren and see the sights off a new Danish city. Luckily there is a quick train connecting Køge and Roskilde, and I was able to get there in no time at all.  We headed off to the Viking Museum and saw some of the traditional history of Denmark.  I even wrote my name in runes!

After the viking museum we headed over to the Cathedral.  It’s three towers stretching far into the sky, the cathedral overlooks the park leading away from the marina as a reminder of the greatness of human ingenuity. We luckily managed a free entry as it was some kind of special day where all entrance is free.  Sadly this meant it closed early, and we only had about 30 minutes inside.  Almost 40 Kings and Queens of Denmark are buried in this epic space, and even the current Queen is designing her future tomb.  The oddest part of this arrangement was the floors.  Every corner of the Cathedral was adorned with tombs, and I quickly found myself stepping upon the final resting place of royalty. Oops!

Roskilde is a lovely place, and I thoroughly enjoyed it sights.  Lauren even took me to a cemetery (she always seems to be in one of these… she must like dead people).