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Best. Day. Ever.  Last Saturday I boarded an early train and headed off to Vordingborg, a small city in south Zealand, with my friend Peter.  We actually missed the train we wanted to get on so we biked around Køge and took some photos down at the beach.  After messing around for an hour we finally got on the train and eventually met up with Kaitlyn and Lauren in Vordingborg.  Originally we were also supposed to go to Møns Klint, some seriously cool chalk cliffs east of Vordingborg.  However, limited time and transportation bottlenecks left us deciding between the cliffs and a bike ride along the Knudsskov Peninsula to the west of the town.  Thankfully we chose right and headed off for the ride.

At first we sure of neither where we were going nor what to expect, and we were quite unsure when the pavement ended and we found ourselves on a dusty old road marked by a mailbox. Private road? Not sure, but naturally there was only one way to find out…luckily I was not the only one willing to go for it 🙂 At first we biked along a fairly tame trail along the coast, sticking to the dirt tire grooves to find our way. This eventually led us through a forest where we encountered mud, prickly bushes, and loads of trees to climb!

Once out of the forest (and extremely itchy) we found a main road (paved, woot!) and headed further out on the peninsula.  By now we were beginning to understand this was no small peninsula, but the understanding of the true scale of our adventure was still a ways off.  After awhile we spotted a nice location to pull off and have lunch along the southern coast.  There weren’t a lot of people in the area, but we did meet some fuzzy friends.  Lunch was a welcome treat, but by this point I was already about halfway through my water so I needed to be conservative.  A quick wade into the Baltic helped refresh us, and a few photos later we were ready to continue on.  Note to self: wear a shirt =P

Another stretch of biking brought us to little stop with an old booth aside the road.  Apparently we were supposed to pay 15 kroner each to enter on our bikes.  Ha, as if.  After a not-so-subtle passing of empty hands we continued on our way.  A bit up the road we found a small stop with a map detailing the peninsula as well as some of the wildlife inhabiting the locale.  Danish would have helped here, but we easily picked out the little water spout showing the location of water.  I thought for sure it was ahead of us…Too bad we had no idea where we actually were on the map!  After a very depressing realization that we were not finding water we trekked through increasingly difficult terrain consisting largely of sand and the occasional mud pit.  Try riding a road bike through the sand, it is not easy!  Anyways, we knew we were getting relatively close to the end of the peninsula when we came to this little sand bridge which was by far the thinnest section of the peninsula.  I’d guess it was no more than 15 feet across!  I’m so glad we got a group shot here because this is one of my favorite pictures so far!

Continuing on the other side of the sandbar we found an almost complete lack of path.  After awhile Kaityln, Lauren, and I decided to ditch our bikes.  For whatever reason Peter hung onto his (this probably would have been a good idea, but too late now).  Besides, I snapped some epic landscapes which would have been impossible if we were cycling.

     We did not make it much further than the bend in the last photo.  We were close to the end of the peninsula, but on foot it would have been at least another 45 minute straight-shot to the end not counting any time to explore of snag photos.  By this time I had run out of water and it was approaching four o’clock.  Seeing as we originally left around 12:00pm we decided that in order to make it back to town at a reasonable hour we needed to turn around.  So sadly we never reached the end, but we did not even care!  The adventure was still a success.

     The ride back was difficult with our leaden legs but nonetheless we stopped at our lunch location and went for a dip.  I should have jumped into my bathing suit but I didn’t even care and went right in wearing nothing but boxers.  So cold but so refreshing!  We only lasted a few minutes before we dried off and got back on the road.  I changed back into my khaki shorts, but wearing them commando is no joyride!

     After what seemed like years we finally made it back to the old tollbooth.  By this time we were dead…our legs felt like lead, we were very dehydrated, and weariness hung over us like a storm cloud.  As an act of reasoned desperation I decided to detour into the parking lot in search for water.  So glad I did because we found a water pump and reveled in its rejuvenating aura!  Suddenly we were refreshed and able to continue back towards town.  It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t mention Kaitlyn’s little accident though…she was whipping her wet hair back and forth and when I noticed her veering into a ditch on the left of the road.  Thankfully she noticed, and pulled up saying “I can’t control it when I do…”  Yeah…she whipped her hair some more while she was talking and crashed into a mess of bushes on the other side of the road.  So classy!

     Anyways, we finally ended up in Vordingborg where we rewarded our efforts with some delicious ice cream.  I must say, this was definitely the best day I’ve had here in Denmark.  I was with great people doing the things I love.  I felt so relaxed and everything seemed to just come naturally.  What more could I ask for?

     Love you guys.