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I realize I forgot to blog about this trip, and now that I am about two weeks late I don’t feel like recounting everything again.  Basically, we traveled to Ærø Island in southern Denmark for a weekend of academic sights and social pursuits.  During the day we learned and at night we socialized.  Here are a bunch of pics.  Unfortunately WordPress is currently not allowing captions in the gallery, so see the bottom of the post for the captions.

The social aspect was quite interesting.  Thursday night Peter, Kaitlyn, Lauren, and I headed out to a bunch of the bars and pubs around town.  This place is small, and being a Thursday night it was mostly deserted.  Peter found himself a female friend (she was like 50 and totally drunk), and we’ve had fun teasing him about it since.  We also met some guys form Luxembourg, and we hung out and played a billiards game called “Shoemaker” (I do not remember the Danish name).  It was a good time, but we called it early because we needed to get up early Friday

Friday night Peter and I tried to avoid the loud, obnoxious group of American students.  I mean, we are in this small, quiet town on a isolated island in Denmark where, as we pass by houses on our way into town, we can see the locals relaxing in front of the TV or with a book on their lap.  Let’s try to respect that a little bit at least, not parade around like a bunch of morons.  Anyways, we ended up at the place we ate Thursday night.  Jamie and Kayla were there already, so we sat with them for awhile and chatted.  Eventually we joined the bartender, a nice lady who seemed kind of bored.  Later her boss, one of the chefs, and another bartender all came and joined us.  It was a fantastic time…we spent probably about 4-5 hours chilling there with the Danes.    We also got a few cheap/free drinks, but I guess that happens when you’re sitting with the owners 😉

Overall, it was a fun trip.  The academic stuff was here and there, but I enjoyed myself and I definitely made a new friend in Peter.  Hes a cool guy 🙂


  1. Organic Farm.  This guy was VERY opinionated…we definitely got into an argument.  He practically said everyone on the island was stupid, so as an elite he needed to speak for them.
  2. Beer tasting at a local brewery.
  3. Solar hot water plant.
  4. The solar plant uses a thermal storage lake to preserve excess heat in summer for higher demand during winter.
  5. Sara, my professor (left) and Jane, a girl in class (right).  Sara is pretty cool 🙂
  6. Peter and his trout.  So many fish jokes…
  7. Peter standing out on the rocks around the harbor.
  8. Best ice cream I’ve ever had.  The Ærø special was a mix of hazelnut ice cream, whipped cream, maple syrup, homemade waffle cone, and pure deliciousness.
  9. We went to a bottleship museum
  10. that was next to a small medical museum
  11. which had some very weird things on display.
  12. Eco-Village: trying to live (almost) on their own in a modern world.
  13. The houses are designed as passive houses, using the natural energy to heat and cool their homes.
  14. They used blue mussel shells for floor insulation and straw covered with a clay plaster for the walls.
  15. This was our tour guide in front of his entirely off-grid home.  It was an interesting structure which used several innovative designs including a ground air cooled refrigerator during winter months.